Axis Parc - Flowers forest

The flower meadow

A flower meadow created in conjunction with Ecosem, Incredible Company and Alliance Centre BW. Pollinating insects like flower meadows because they can find pollen and nectar there. As well as being good for wildlife, this flower meadow is a place of beauty and poetry for all walkers.

A project run by Il Était Une Fleur, which grows its flowers 100% naturally, without chemicals and in a way that protects the soil and water resources. They grow according to the natural seasonal cycle and in the open air, for your pleasure and that of the insects. Insect- and seed-eating birds also benefit from this way of growing flowers. All the bouquets sold to businesses and individuals are made with these flowers and those of eco-friendly growers within a 30km radius, ensuring a local supply chain.

Axis Parc - Flowers forest

The forest as sanctuary

An area created by Urban Forest to resemble the indigenous forest as it would be without human activity. It would normally take around 200 years for such a forest to develop on its own. With the Miyawaki method a similar result is achieved in 20 years!

This method draws inspiration from the mechanisms and diversity of nature: 15 to 30 native tree and shrub species are planted in the same forest. These species thrive together and are perfectly adapted to the site’s climate conditions. The habitat gradually becomes more complex and forms a magnificent ecosystem in balance with the soil and climate conditions, leading to an increase in biodiversity.