Axis Parc - flooding Mont-Saint-Guibert


After the flooding in July 2021, Axis Parc Fund wanted to make a big contribution by donating €50,000 to the municipality of Mont-Saint-Guibert.That’s our duty in society', insisted Henri Fischgrund, the chairman of the Axis Parc Fund board of directors, a few days after a deluge of water and mud ravaged the centre of the municipality, which is located close to the Orne river. I think it is our duty to take on this role when a municipality welcomes us in. We have provided this amount for the village to use as it sees fit, to help those who have been affected.

Axis Parc - Fondations batisseur etoiles

Fondation bâtisseurs d’étoiles

The Fondation Bâtisseurs d’Étoiles is a social and humanitarian foundation. Its aim is to help infants and young people attending school, on a material or moral basis, in particular in the following areas:

  • children and young people who are seriously ill, through assistance with medical care or treatments;
  • children and young people with a disability, by contributing to their development and ability to reach their full potential via specific care, or by allocating aid through various initiatives;
  • supporting all scientific initiatives in the field of fundamental or clinical research targeting orphan diseases, serious, rare or sensitive illnesses and their treatment;
  • supporting associations that work in fields related to death (perinatal grief and palliative care).

To this end, Axis Parc Fund has committed financial aid of €25,000 for the year 2022.

Axis Parc - Musika mundi school

Musika mundi school

In Waterloo, the private Musica Mundi School has a two-pronged educational vocation (general and musical education) and has been training the musicians of tomorrow for many years. Musica Mundi’s aim is to ‘develop the musical and human potential of talented young people from all over the world’.

Inspired by this philosophy, Musica Mundi has been organising a course and an international music festival for young musicians aged between ten and twenty years old every summer for 23 years. Each year, the course brings together around 70 participants from all over the world.

Musica Mundi helps many talented young musicians from underprivileged countries and backgrounds. These young people do not have access to the same kinds of programmes as those available in other regions in the world. On a practical level, many talented musicians who have attended the course in recent years have received assistance to cover the cost of their tuition and accommodation. In 2021, Axis Parc Fund signed a sponsorship contract with Musica Mundi worth €25,000 for three years. In return, the school has committed to organising an annual concert dedicated to Axis Parc Fund at Fichermont monastery.